About Me

Strategic Fashion Consultant

I am a fashion strategist. I guide fashion brands, designers and fashion start-ups to map out where they want to be and how to get there. I put together comprehensive strategies to help achieve both their short-term and long-term objectives.


My ultimate aim of a fashion strategy is to define brand identity and values in order to define design aspects and collection plan.

I have been working in fashion industry for 24 years in all levels from menswear to accessories. I have started as a designer, worked as a creative director, stylist, founder fashion director of GQ, lecturer, consultant, curator, entrepreneur. Conquering fashion system 360 degree; gave me the skills, abilities and network that enable me to manage my clients’ projects and operate their own business efficiently.

I provide a multidisciplinary fashion consultancy business, specialized in developing and executing goal-driven projects, building and implementing brand and collection strategy, as well as creating a platform for designer collaborations for companies operating in fashion, design, lifestyle and textile industries.


“I will help you understand “what” your brand is, and how you can promote your collections or products in a more compelling way. “

My mission is to positively contribute strategic fashion advice and recommendations to fashion designers, brands, companies, start-ups and individuals. I do offer my expertise of trends and fashion principles in order to assist my clients in the areas of brand identity, design and collection, and product planning through creative perspectives and authentic angles.

I will develop the overall brand positioning through brand identity management, by ensuring that the stylistic identity aligns with design and retail identity. Whether it’s a disruptive start-up, or a company in search of reinvigoration or transformation, I will guide you to establish your authenticity in purpose and meaning unique to your-brand roots.

Brief Profile & Personal Information

I have 24  years of experience as a designer and a creative director. I have helped companies harness market needs and cultural trends in order to form effective design strategies with her professionalism and comprehensive understanding of consumers, fashion, retail and branding elements. I’m an expert in menswear and in prolific research focused on social and retail attitudes of local as well as global consumers.

I work with promising designers, fashion start-ups and corporate design teams to create design strategies that will make an impact on products, businesses and consumer decisions. I’m a unique and creative director who managed to present and establish a Turkish brand in the UK and Italy. I have worked with British fashion professionals and showrooms (such as CFE/The Centre for Fashion Enterprise, Four Marketing, Harvey Nichols, Matches, GQ UK) to develop brand awareness in the UK. I have been giving consultancy to local and global brands and designers in Turkey as a fashion strategist for 10 years. I intend to provide consultancy services in the UK, focusing on improving the brand awareness of fashion brands and designers in the UK market.



Fabrics and yarns are always been my passion. I believe that feeling good is essential to look good. I created my own brand  The Royal Gang to make my passion real. I design modern basics that are light, multi-style and easy to match with any individual look. The Royal Gang is a simple line of t-shirts in the softest and lightest texture of natural fibers such as cashmere, angora, cotton.